September 16, 2012


What does “Shine” mean at ISOCS?

Shine is the word we use that is inspired by our students and teachers when they are so obviously loving to learn, living a passion and being their best selves.

Shine is referred to in many cultures and contexts. Writers, artists and thought leaders universally use the notion of Shine to include hope, confidence, happiness, passion, enlightenment and the exuding of a positive energy that is experienced by and can inspire others.

At ISOCS, we believe that we all have the capacity and need to love learning for a lifetime. An empowering education develops all the understandings, skills and aptitudes necessary to provide the greatest opportunities in life, both academically and personally.

The ISOCS team commits themselves wholeheartedly to help every member of our community explore, expand and exceed a sense of their unique fullest potential through education. We support each learner in discovering a sense of their true personal value and possibilities. We help every learner Shine!