February 24, 2013

ISOCS Testimonials

Affordable Private Schooling

Recent research, commissioned by ISOCS, showed the majority of the “middle class” families (see Report 2016 Inequality-In-Switzerland) find that International Schooling in Switzerland is simply too expensive. With ISOCS new affordable offer, Silver Service Tuition*, families are now able to re-locate to Switzerland without the worry of not being able to afford international schooling fees.

“….it was not possible to have Alexander placed in an international school because of the costs involved of making a new start in Switzerland….But with the [new offer] it would be possible for me to pay from my  income….In the near future I would like to see whether his sister Sarah can join him at your school as well…” testimonial from a mother that having re-located to Switzerland and discovered the living costs had no choice but to place her son Alexander in a local German speaking public school.

“….how can I, as a mother, choose between which of my sons should be able to attend international school? This new Silver Service Tuition fees offer means I don’t have to make that choice….” – in this testimonial we have a mother with two sons aged 11 years old and 13 years old. With her salary she could afford to pay for one son to attend international school but not both sons.

* Silver Service Tuition is based upon a means testing process and has limited places.

Video Parent Testimonials

Other Parent Testimonials

“Our family likes ISOCS because of the great teachers. They really love teaching and they genuinely care about the students. They support the children and put a lot of effort into creating a stimulating learning environment.“ (New Family)

“We can feel the warmth and happiness that comes from this school and we are so grateful to be in the middle of it all.” (Local Swiss Family)

“I think my son would live at ISOCS if he could.” (Swiss American Family)

“ISOCS is a friendly and open school where everyone knows each other.”

“At ISOCS the students are seen and heard!”

“I wish my family had found ISOCS years ago-“

“Our kids are happy and love to go to school.”

“We feel that our school always has time to listen to us.”


Student Testimonials

“Since starting at ISOCS I am actually excited to come to school for the first time in my life.”

“I enjoy every single thing about ISOCS. It’s the best school in the world.”

“I have learned that anything is possible if you set your mind to it!”

“Before ISOCS I didn’t like school but now I do!”

“You really feel the positive atmosphere as soon as you come to ISOCS.”

“ISOCS is the best school and lots of fun”

“I think the teachers must stay up late to make school so interesting.”

“The staff at ISOCS always help us to find a solution.”

“I love art because because we always make awesome things.”

“Learning in a new language is a challenge, but here everyone supports us.”

“I feel happy that the school is not crowded or scary.”

“The teachers are so nice and the lessons interesting.”

“I love that my Swiss friends help me join local clubs and events.”

“My school year at ISOCS was the BEST EVER!!”

“This school is small but bursting with adventure”

“ISOCS is epic!!”

“ISOCS is the best international school ever”

“ISOCS is a very happy and bright place!”

“I like the way we learn at ISOCS”

“Try not to have a good time…..this is supposed to be educational” said Charles M. Schulz. “So I have failed. I have had far too much fun this year at ISOCS for this to be educational…”

“Here, people respect you for who you are.”

“I like everything at ISOCS….but most especially the teachers.”


Teacher Testimonials

“ISOCS has inspired me. You can feel the love of education permeating the whole school. I feel very fortunate to be teaching here.” (English Language Specialist)