September 23, 2012

ISOCS Families

We are a truly international community

ISOCS Families come to us from all around the globe.
Many relocate here for business reasons. The Zug area attracts around one thousand new international companies each year. Families often come with a two or three year contract but a large percentage choose to stay much longer if they can. The Zug / Zurich area is always at the top of the popularity charts for the best place for families to live.

Many other families who are wholly or partly Swiss are attracted to ISOCS because of the creative and positive nature of our school. Our families with local roots help us all to integrate and take part in local activities.

International families often have more than one national or cultural background. At the time of writing, approximately 20% of our families are Swiss, whilst many others have made their homes here long term. Approximately 30% of families originate from the US or UK with France and Holland also having about a 25% representation. Other families represent 15 other nationalities from Northern and Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. All are equally welcome, and in our experience it only takes a short while for students to feel very comfortable learning in English. Our students and parents are very welcoming and supportive of friends from diverse backgrounds.

We are here for each other

Our families form a close community who support each other, share their languages and interests warmly with one another and are regarded as ISOCS’ greatest asset.

Parents are treated as equal partners in an essential relationship to do the best for each child. Parents are encouraged to have close contact with their teachers and communication in both directions. An active Parents Group are always keen to volunteer to organise activities according to personal interest and availability. Whether it is helping in the school library, taking language or exercise classes together or organising family and parent events, we are here for each other.

Personal contacts to help with your move

Many parents have volunteered to welcome you personally in your own language and offer relocation advice that you will find particularly useful specific to your “part of the world”.Please contact the school to request a direct contact with your ISOCS friend whether it is in Dutch, French, German, Russian, English or even Korean!

Wij zijn familie De Jong uit Nederland. Onze zoon (9 jaar) en dochter (8 jaar) zitten op deze school.
We hebben bewust voor deze Internationale School gekozen omdat het een kleine school is,
met veel persoonlijke aandacht, oog om te integreren in Zwitserland (schooltijden, stimuleren
van deelname locale activiteiten, Duitse les) en de mogelijkheid Nederlandse les te volgen. De
kinderen gaan met heel veel plezier naar school en komen elke dag weer met enthousiaste verhalen
thuis. Zou u meer van onze ervaringen willen horen, stuur dan gerust een mailberichtje naar
[email protected], dan zorgen wij dat deze zo snel mogelijk wordt beantwoord.

“Our family likes ISOCS because of the great teachers. They really love teaching and they genuinely care about the students. They support the children and put a lot of effort into creating a stimulating learning environment.” (New Family)

“I think my son would live at ISOCS if he could.” (Swiss American Family)

“We can feel the warmth and happiness that comes from this school and we are so grateful to be in the middle of it all.” (Local Swiss Family)