September 23, 2012

Transportation at ISOCS

This page contains information and links to help you find your way in the Canton of Zug, and the town of Cham, using public transportation.


Eco-friendly Transportation

One of the main components of our curriculum and our philosophy is “Taking Action” – that is, extending our learning to choices and decisions in our daily lives. Our Mission Statement includes these phrases: “We respect ourselves, others and our environment. We understand that we are interdependent and accept responsibility for our choices and actions.”

At ISOCS, we encourage cultural and linguistic integration through positive interaction with our Swiss community and our natural environment.

We are committed to protecting our environment through sustainable choices. Whenever possible: we prefer to use our legs or public transport to travel.

We will assist our students and their families to review their school transportation possibilities.


ISOCS Bus Service from Zug Bahnhof to the school

We are delighted to announce a free daily, return shuttle bus from Zug Bahnhof to the International School of Central Switzerland in Cham, Zug. The service will start on 1st October 2014.

ISOCS families should register their interest by email to [email protected]


Public Transport at our door – Bus No. 42

ISOCS is very well served by the public transportation system.  There is a bus stop at the front of the school building (Lorzenpark 8), with service to the Cham train station on average every 15 minutes during school hours.  Many of our students come to school on the public bus. The regular bus service takes just 6 minutes from Cham railway station (Cham Bahnhof) to the school.

Cham Bus42


Walk to ISOCS

Many of our families walk to school.  Public roads and walking paths criss cross the area around the school.


Come by Bicycle to ISOCS

Cham is a safe place to travel on a bicycle. Many of our students ride their bikes to school.


Swiss Public Transportation

Travel on Swiss Public Transport is convenient, reliable, and generally safe. The Swiss railway network is very dense and trains are convenient and punctual. The Federal Railways (SBB) crisscross the country and connect to mountain railways, lake ferries and postal buses. All trains between Lucerne and Zurich stop in Zug, which makes travel to any Swiss location very fast and easy.

The Half Fare Card, General Abonnement and Zuger Pass are all forms of discount travel card – valid on trains, buses, boats and some ski lifts.


SBB-CFF – Swiss Trains – The Junior card

With the Junior travelcard for CHF 30, children aged 6 to 16 years can travel on public transport for a whole year, accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket. The Junior travelcard are valid anywhere within the Half-Fare travelcard area. Children may also use these to travel free or at a reduced price on many tram and bus routes of local transport services. You will find a map here, or you can pick one up at any railway station.


The Zuger Pass Plus and its benefits

Zuger Pass Plus – the annual ticket for public transport in the region. Rail, bus and Zugerbergbahn in one. The “Plus” means free bonus offers allowing users to save a lot of money. In order to benefit from the offers listed here, you will receive a bonus book. With some offers you will only need to show your Zuger Pass Plus, while with others you will also need the tear-out voucher in the bonus book.


City Train

The “City Train” runs on the existing rails of the SBB. Line number 1 runs at 15-minute intervals between Baar, Zug and Cham, and at 30 minute intervals further to Ebikon and Lucerne. Line 2 runs at hourly intervals from Zug through Oberwil and Walchwil to Arth-Goldau and Erstfeld. Further information is available on


Zug Canton Public Transport

Bus and boat transportation

The Canton of Zug has an extensive public transport service that also serves the surrounding areas. The Zug Public Transport Organization (ZVB) is responsible for the bus and boat transportation system in the canton. The urban transportation system operates between 6 am and 12 midnight on a frequent schedule. Online Timetable in English:


Public Transportation Links

City Railway Zug (Stadtbahn)
Local Bus Company (ZVB)
Office for Motor Vehicles
Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)
Zugerbergbahn (Cablecar) (ZBB)
Zugersee Schifffahrt (Cruise)
Zurich International Airport