September 23, 2012

Relocation to Switzerland

Everyone at ISOCS knows first-hand the excitement and trepidation that an international move and relocation can inspire. There is so much to think of all at once and taking that first step can be a daunting one.

At ISOCS we understand that you probably have a hundred questions all at once:

  • How will our move affect our children’s long term education?
  • How will we get by if everyone is speaking a different language?
  • Where will we live?
  • Will we make friends?
  • How can we really make the most of the great opportunity that living in Switzerland can offer our family?

We can’t promise to make everything easy, but you can be sure we are all here to help you. Be reassured that thousands have made the same journey, most had the most wonderful time of their lives, many stayed on and many returned.

Our students come from many educational cultures and move on to diverse systems too.  We understand your anxieties and we work with every family and child as an individual to make sure that they get the best from their time here. All of our students have excelled in onward moves to schools in the IB, UK, US and other school systems worldwide.

Our community stands by to help you. Please contact the school directly to request:

  • Relocation advice in your language,
  • Personal recommendations for relocation services and links to help you prepare for the move and make friends here before you arrive,
  • Try out days at the school

This allows your family to feel comfortable with the school and new friends before the packing vans arrive.

Please click here for the ISOCS Family News Blog with many very useful Expat groups and links in the area.

Please click here to go to our “Learning About Switzerland” site.