September 23, 2012

Our Local Community

After much consideration, we selected the beautiful town of Cham (near Zug) as the best place to found our school because of the unwavering enthusiasm and support of their “Gemeinde” (town council) to help us connect our students to the people and resources of their immediate community. The advantages are mutual.

Our school community gains enormously from:

  • Inclusion into local clubs (including a wide variety of extremely well resourced sport, music and craft facilities and initiatives (e.g. soccer, swimming, martial arts, orchestras, cultural music clubs and a myriad of art and craft offerings) which will aid with purposeful language learning and community integration.
  • Regular use of the local modern library for our students. We want our students to be confident in their use of community learning resources (regardless of language).
  • Use of the outstanding and safe transportation systems that are available from our front door!
  • Our teachers accompany students on regular excursions into our community to develop their sense of confidence in, and connection to, our ever widening community resources.