October 27, 2012

ISOCS Facilities

“At home” at ISOCS

ISOCS is a new building, developed in stages to our own specifications as we grow. Classrooms are large, bright and well-resourced. Students from Grade 1 and above have access to personal laptops and classrooms make good use of the interactive whiteboards.

We offer specialist classrooms for art/ drama, science, music, German and learning support as well as a spacious well-stocked library.

The location of our school allows us easy access to a wide variety of safe and interesting outdoor spaces and local amenities.

We have been able to make excellent relationships with our local community in Cham. Thanks to these community ties we enjoy state-of-the-art facilities for all types of learning experiences.

Behind the school, we have a purpose-built outdoor playground including a football pitch and basketball area.

ISOCS students enjoy daily outdoor play in the nature park, “Lorzenpark”, which is adjacent to the school.

Gymnasia at Röhrliberg

We have access to all the sports facilities at Röhrliberg. This includes five fully equipped gymnasia, dance studio. indoor pool, outdoor track and field facilities and all-weather tennis and basketball courts.

Our students are invited to join local children for free sports courses (martial arts, rock climbing, break dancing etc.) at Röhrliberg every Sunday throughout the winter months.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The Röhrliberg sports complex offers us the weekly use of an indoor pool. Students typically enjoy 45-minute swimming lessons for half of the school year.

All-weather Sports Pitch

Just opposite our school, we have access to the football pitches which are used by Sport Club Cham. This includes a state of the art all- weather pitch that was created at the beginning of 2011.

Music Room

ISOCS’ music room has many instruments and an open space to allow our students to fully express themselves.

Our Library

The International School of Central Switzerland’s Library Media Centre (LMC), otherwise known as the “hub”, is a bright learning space for all. In the LMC there are many media resources to support and extend student learning. There are thousands of books which can be used for research purposes or just for general reading pleasure.

We also use a powerful media centre for showing video clips, presentations or playing music.

Cham Library

Our students are regular and welcome visitors to the local library in Cham. The books supplement the school’s German book and media collection with regular new and exciting resources. At ISOCS, we think it is important to have our students confidently use local facilities and realise that we can gain great pleasure and knowledge from the broad range of resources offered in our community.

ZuKi Teuflibach

The parents of Cham founded a club called ZuKi (Zukunft Kinder: the future of our Children) to provide additional play and creative activities for their children. This Robinson style play area is located in the woods behind our school.

ZuKi Teuflibach offers families after school adventure clubs on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings, full day holiday care and many invitations to join in with local events and activities and to integrate into the local community.

Out and About at ISOCS

Our mission requires us to help students feel connected to the community in which they live.

Therefore regular outings are a meaningful part of who we are and what we do at ISOCS!

Recent outings have included students planning visits to:

  • The Cham Library
  • The local supermarket (for Juniors to buy food for lunch and estimate cost and then to decide on transportation options)
  • The local park and Mini-golf (for Juniors to use online timetables to plan an excursion)
  • A local restaurant to order hot chocolate in German
  • The local carnival (Fasnacht)
  • A lakeside ice cream restaurant (to plan the trip and order ice cream in German)
  • The Local Ludothek (toy library)
  • Sculpture Garden in Dietikon
  • Wild Animal Park Goldau
  • Farm school opposite our school
  • The Swiss Transport Museum
  • Technorama Winterthur
  • Buddhist Temple
  • The longest foot suspension bridge in Europe at Mostelberg
  • Synagogue
  • The Catholic Cathedral at Einsiedeln
  • Horgen Abfallverwertung (recycling plant to investigate energy transfer)
  • Zurich International School Library (to research how to manage an international school library)

Students in grades 4 and above enjoy residential field weeks where they enjoy to many outdoor adventures and cultural experiences.