January 3, 2016


At ISOCS we offer an array of sports and activities as part of our Physical Education (P.E.) programme. Generally, the sports curriculum is divided into units and topics by term and grade level.

In IB PYP our focus is on team sports such as football, uni-hockey and basketball; swimming, gymnastics, athletics and dance.

IB MYP units focus on gymnastics, basketball, dance, volleyball, fitness, football and health related subjects.

Gymnasia at Röhrliberg

We have easy access to all the sports facilities at Röhrliberg. This includes five fully equipped gymnasia, dance studio. indoor pool, outdoor track and field facilities and all-weather tennis and basket ball courts.

Our students are invited to join local children for free sports courses (martial-arts, rock climbing, break dancing etc.) at Röhrliberg every Sunday throughout the winter months.

Indoor Swimming Pool

The Röhrliberg sports complex offers us the weekly use of an indoor pool (Hallenbad Röhrliberg). Primary students typically enjoy 45 minute swimming lessons for half of the school year.

All-weather Sports Pitch

Just opposite our school we have access to the football pitches which are used by Sport Club Cham. This includes a state of the art all- weather pitch.

In addition to our P.E. classes, at ISOCS we also organise whole school events relating to sports for us and our communities.

ISOCS participates in many sporting events and tournaments with other international schools throughout the year.

ISOCS is also in partnership with a local group called Fit4Future who promote healthier lifestyles for children and young adults. Fit4Future supply us with outdoor equipment and collaborate with our students through interactive workshops.

At ISOCS everyone is encouraged to participate and be a part of the ISOCS team.