October 8, 2012

Student Life

At ISOCS we believe in having a healthy and happy balance between academics, extra curricular activities and community. We offer a variety of services and opportunities to our learners to ensure them a comfortable and fulfilled journey during their time at school.

The extra-curricular programme at ISOCS aims to meet the needs and interests of our school community as it grows.

ISOCS Clubs and Activities:

Clubs vary throughout the year according to weather and interest. After school care is provided according to demand at CHF 20 per hour. The teacher offers professional learning support as well as exercise and play opportunities. Spaces should be booked in advance so that care can be arranged.

Additional Language Instruction

At ISOCS we place great importance on language-learning. With many students coming to us with interesting and complex linguistic backgrounds, our students rely on quality language instruction to:

– Express their needs and feelings
– Make friends and integrate with peers and society at home, school and in Switzerland
– Develop a level of literacy in a target language that will help them in their further studies and adult lives

After school language instruction offers small group lessons to complement the English and German tuition available to all within the curriculum. Languages are added according to demand. Currently ISOCS offers Advanced German, Dutch for Native Speakers and French for Beginners.

Partnership with Local Clubs and Activities:

We have close relations with many of the local clubs and we strongly encourage families to help their children to integrate and learn the local language quickly by participating in clubs, events and holiday care programmes which are all within easy reach of the school.

Local Clubs:

The Cham area offers a wide variety of after school activities and our students attend many of them. Notably students currently enjoy soccer coaching and participate in local soccer teams (both in German and English), rugby in English, Break dancing in German and English, Scouts, Teuflibach adventure club, Open Gym, tennis, horse-riding and golf. We keep a folder of information on clubs, lessons and open activities and parents offer recommendations or form groups in person or on the ISOCS Family Blog. The school assists families to make connections wherever possible.