October 8, 2012

Learning Support

Individualised Learning

At the International School of Central Switzerland we pride ourselves in the individual attention we are able to provide to our students.
Every learner is unique in their prior learning experience, language profile and learning styles. As such, our dedicated professionals use the IB PYP developmental subject continuums to assess and plan for learning activities which target each child’s specific learning needs.
Teachers at ISOCS have deliberately small classes and generous support provisions. Together we use flexible groupings to provide differentiated instruction for our various students’ needs, and report regularly on their progress according to IB PYP descriptors.


Special Learning Needs

At ISOCS we accept students with mild learning needs. We can accommodate many individual learning needs through our small classes and grouping techniques. However, it must be recognised that some students need additional professional attention to allow them to integrate or learn optimally.

Any known specific needs must be communicated to the school at the application phase. If special educational needs are identified during a child’s stay at ISOCS we will advise the family that we need to seek specialist advice. All special consultation and provision that allows the student to perform at a satisfactory classroom level must be provided for financially by the family, sponsoring company or local authority. If ISOCS cannot reasonably provide for a student’s needs with the same provision accorded to other students and the parents are unwilling or unable to meet the professionally expressed provisions necessary, the school will ask that the child be withdrawn from ISOCS.