October 8, 2012

IB MYP Areas of Interaction


The five areas of interaction are (please click on each one for more information):

1). approaches to learning
2). community and service
3). human ingenuity
4). environments 
5). health and social education

These provide the main focus for developing the connections between the disciplines, so that students will learn to see knowledge as an interrelated, coherent whole.


More particularly, the five areas of interaction:

  • are embedded in the subjects and developed naturally through them
  • provide both an organization and an extension of learning within and across the subjects, through the exploration of real-life issues
  • inspire special activities and interdisciplinary projects
  • form part of the framework for student inquiry and take investigative learning further than subject boundaries
  • are a vehicle for refining conceptual understanding through different perspectives
  • guide reflection and lead from knowledge to thoughtful action.

This and more information available at www.ibo.org/myp