October 14, 2012

Sample Weekly Programme


Students are welcomed to school between 8.15 and 8.30 and guided to settling activities until school begins.

For our younger students, the day begins with a short period of exercise (Brain Gym, Yoga or expressive dance) to stimulate learning and build a sense of community.  Announcements are also shared at this time.

ISOCS does its utmost to preserve morning lessons so that the class teachers can work with their students, without interruption. Morning lessons typically focus on critical thinking, the development of mathematical and linguistic understanding and the exploration of their current unit of inquiry. There is a mid-morning snack time and outdoor playtime.


At midday, everyday except Wednesday, the whole school takes a 10 minute nature walk to enjoy a nutritious, home cooked meal at Teuflibach, Cham’s Robinson Playground. A few children prefer to bring a packed lunch, however, everyone eats together.


Afternoons at ISOCS place particular emphasis on creativity, language learning, gym, swimming, sport and local excursions. It is a lively and exciting time to explore possibilities, extend experiences and apply learning. School ends at 15.30, however parents of Kindergarten students are invited to collect their child at 15:15.

Optional after-school care can be arranged to meet the needs of our families.

Wednesday afternoons

On Wednesday afternoons, school is dismissed at midday to allow students the opportunity to enjoy play dates or activities with friends from school or the local community.