September 23, 2012

Sample Weekly Programme

Weekly schedule

The school day is 08.30-15.30, except on Wednesdays when, in keeping with Swiss tradition the students are free from midday to pursue a wide variety of local extra-curricular activities.

During the school week students enjoy an integrated programme in the classroom, which includes English, mathematics, Unit of Inquiry. the Unit of Inquiry is an in-depth transdisciplinary study which incorporates all of the science and social studies programmes, most of the personal and social  education and makes authentic language learning mathematics, the arts and physical education wherever possible.

Primary students have specialist teachers for Gym and swimming for two double periods a week and music once a week. German language lessons are offered 3 times a week at the primary level. Library lessons are negotiated on a flexible schedule. Classes are encouraged to make full use of the fantastic local amenities and learning opportunities and regularly engage in local excursions as part of the curriculum.


Students are welcomed to school between 08.15 and 08.30. Children arrive at class and unpack and are directed to morning activities. For our younger students the day begins with a short period of exercise (Brain Gym, Yoga, Tai Chi or expressive dance) to stimulate learning and build a sense of community.  Announcements are shared at this time.

ISOCS does its utmost to preserve morning lessons so that the class teachers can work with their students, without interruption. Morning lessons typically focus on critical thinking, the development of mathematical and linguistic understanding and exploration of their current unit of inquiry. There is a mid-morning snack time and outdoor playtime.


At midday, each day except Wednesday, the whole school takes a 10 minute nature walk to a cabin in the neighbouring woodland to enjoy a nutritious, home cooked meal at Teuflibach, Cham’s Robinson Playground. A few children prefer to bring a packed lunch, but for as long as space allows we all eat together in the cabin.


Afternoons at ISOCS place particular emphasis on creativity, language learning, gym, swimming, sport and local excursions. It is a lively and exciting time to explore possibilities, extend experience and apply our learning. School ends at 15.30.

Optional after-school care can be arranged to meet the needs of our families.

Extra-Curricular Activities

ISOCS offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. These vary seasonally, but currently include soccer, rugby, gymnastics, hockey, art club, cooking, drama and music ensembles as well as Young Explorers and School Magazine club. Additional language classes are offered according to demand.

Wednesday afternoons

On Wednesday afternoons, school is dismissed at midday to allow students to have the opportunity to join in with local clubs and activities. Some students eat a packed lunch in school and continue with in-school clubs, whilst the majority make independent plans for play-dates  sports, music and language lessons with school and local friends.