September 23, 2012

Music Programme

Students in grade 4 and above have English Music Instruction in appreciation, composition and performance with Singer/Songwriter and experienced music teacher, Sarah Bowmann.

Sarah offers a Music Ensemble as an extra-curricular activity and runs private lessons after school in voice, piano, guitar, cello and violin.

Students is Grades PreK-3 enjoy music lessons in German from the Cham Musikschule (Cham Music School) include:

  • Foundation Music Level 1 (Grundschulstufe I)
  • Foundation Music Level 2 (Grundschulstufe II)
  • Level 3 – Recorder Lessons
  • Level 4 – Xylophone Lessons
  • Additional music lessons are offered in piano, voice, guitar, drumming, wind and string instruments at the Cham Musikschule.

Music School Cham (Musikschule Cham)

We have established especially strong links with the Cham Musikschule which offers lessons at school as part of our curriculum.

They warmly invite our students to join choirs, groups and individual lessons at very reasonable rates.

They are also willing to arrange after school lessons at ISOCS or the music school nearby.

The school is happy to assist in making connections for students.