September 23, 2012

Language A – English

The International School of Central Switzerland’s main language of academic instruction is English.

In the Primary School we accept students with all levels of English competency. We work extremely hard to ensure that the students develop a level of mastery in the English language, such that they can access and expand the curriculum and share their experiences and developing understandings with others.

Students at ISOCS are often exposed to a topic together and we use multimedia to trigger experience and response. Students go on to work in small groups to develop their communication skills at their own level. We are constantly challenging students to connect their experience and linguistic understanding in another language to our learning programme. We also make direct connection with the teaching of English and German so that students learn to transfer ideas and skills across languages.

Learning language is a complex matter in all international schools and the confidence and experience of our teachers are the key factor in our success.

All students read regularly at their own level for pleasure and information. All of our students learn spelling strategies and conventions according to their own level of challenge and all of our students are supported to express themselves confidently through oral and written presentation.

We regularly assess our students’ level of learning in English and follow individual student understanding on the IB PYP continuum of language development.

At ISOCS we support individual learners towards language mastery, such that they can learn and communicate effectively in a variety of situations.