October 8, 2012

Extra English (EAL)

English Language Learners

Many of our students are non-native English speakers.

All year, every year, we welcome students with little or no English to our school.  Our teachers are all expertly trained in the best practices for integrating English learners into classroom activities, and we find that it typically takes about three months for most students to exhibit social confidence in English.  Nonetheless, we are sensitive to English Learner’s specific needs, well aware that social and academic language needs vary at different levels of the curriculum.

Our priority is to ensure that students have sufficient English to access, and make conceptual connections to our curriculum, such that they develop at least one very strong thinking language.

It is important that despite the desire to be multi-lingual, all learners can express themselves intellectually in at least one language. Many of us can speak a number of languages but could not study for a degree in more than one! Therefore we prioritise English as a Learning Language because it is the most transferable intellectual language of our times.

We offer 3 extra English lessons a week for English language learners within the curriculum. This is set against German initially so that students do not miss out on other curricular elements. Additional English tuition may be arranged through the Director at additional charge.