Personal Connections 26th of February 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

We have wrapped up our changing materials unit and presented our summative assessments.
Today we started our much anticipated unit:

My Art 
Creating and responding to art develops and understanding of ourselves and the world around us
This Week’s Personal Connections Task:

Part 1:

You are to select an artwork that means something to you. This assignment can be handwritten or done it on the computer. Computer work will need to printed out or emailed with an attachment by the due date.

You will need to:
  • Select your artwork (preferably from home)
  • Obtain an image of the artwork photo or print
  • Record the title and artist of the artwork (if any)
  • Describe the artwork: Use the following questions to prompt ideas (do not answer them directly)
Paragraph 1 (Introduction)
What is the artwork? (painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph)
What materials were used to create the artwork? 
What do you know about the artist? 
When or where do/did they live and produce art?

Paragraph 2 (First impression)
How big is the artwork? (dimensions)
What does the artwork look like? What does it depict?
Consider colours, shapes, lines and texture (smooth or rough)
Are there any signs or symbols that you recognise?

Paragraph 3 (Interpretation)
Why did you chose the artwork? Why do you like it? 
What does it mean to you? 
What do you think is the function of the artwork?
Does it remind you of anything? 
Does the artwork relate to the time it was produced?

Paragraph 4 (Conclusion)
Why do you think the artwork is so successful?
What do you think the artist is trying to say? What do you think is/was the artist’s intended purpose?
Task Due: Monday 4th of March 2013
Part 2

We have completed our revision of the 0 – 5 times tables. Everyone has improved dramatically. The four times table seemed to give the most trouble. Some of us still have to revise certain ones, you know who you are…

This week you will need to revise and learn your 6-12 times tables for an assessment on Monday the 4th of March.

Due: Monday 4th of March 2013