Personal Connections 19th of February 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

We have been working hard to wrap up our unit’s summative assessement. The time pressure of our presentation date has boosted our work rate and we have all accomplished a lot in the past couple of days.

This Week’s Personal Connections Task

We are going to be revising all of our times tables (1-12) as we are going to be focusing again on number in Maths.

You will need your times table chart which should be in your bag.

  • You should first focus on completing the the times tables 1-5 in both directions (vertical and horizontal)
  • Once you have completed this you should get your parents to test you on your 2-5 times tables
  • When you are confident in all of them, you should try the Mangahigh challenge that has been set 
Task Due: Monday 25 February 2013

Additional Challenges
If you already have a good grasp of your times tables, feel free to fill in the rest of the times table chart and please request additional challenges during the week. Thirteen, fourteen and fifteen have been included for an extra test.