Personal Connections 13th of March 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

In our unit, My Art, we had an interesting time trying to decipher who’s who in last week’s ‘Who am I?’ poster project. It was fascinating and challenging to decode some of the signs and symbols the students had chosen to represent aspects of their self concept.

In Maths, we have been inquiring into multiplication. We are now starting to focus our attention on division, which is the inverse of multiplication. Division is useful when we need to share a group or quantity into a number of portions. We can also use it to share a group or quantity into a given size.

This Week’s Personal Connections Task:

This week’s task is a student inspired one, as many asked if they could critique one of their own artworks. So, here is your chance! There are similar prompts to the last task with a few additions, particularly, paragraph two.  

You are to select your favorite or create a new artwork (Remember: you are the artist). This assignment can be handwritten or done on the computer. Computer work will need be to printed out or emailed with an attachment by the due date.

You will need to:
  • Select / create your artwork 
  • Obtain an image of the artwork photo or print
  • Give your artwork a relevant title and record your name as the artist 
  • Describe the artwork, using the following questions to prompt ideas (do not answer them directly)
Paragraph 1 (Introduction)
What is your artwork? (painting, sculpture, drawing, photograph etc.)
What materials were used to create your artwork? 
When or where did you produce your artwork?

Paragraph 2 (First impression)
How big is your artwork? (dimensions)
What does your artwork look like? What does it depict?
Consider the following:
  • Scale (miniature, small, large, monumental)
  • Colour (bright, vibrant or pale, light)
  • Shape (geometric, angular or organic, swirling)
  • Lines (thick, bold or delicate, fine)
  • Tone (light and dark) (Contrasting, dramatic or subtle, muted)
  • Texture (smooth, fine or rough, course)
  • Movement (flowing, swirling)
Are there any signs or symbols that you included in the artwork?

Paragraph 3 (Interpretation)
Why did you create the artwork?  
Why do you like it? 
What does it mean to you? 
Does it remind you of anything? 
Does the artwork relate to the time it was produced?

Paragraph 4 (Conclusion)
Why do you think your artwork is so successful?
What is your intended function of the artwork?
What does it tell the viewer about you, the artist? (intersts, hobbies, values, age, gender etc)
Task Due: Tuesday 19th of March 2013