January 9, 2016


We base all our learning experiences on our three “I”s: We involve. We innovate. We inspire. This is brought to life in practice by engaging the students in the learning process in ISOCS’ own Inquiry Cycle.

The ISOCS Inquiry Cycle is based on global best practices and has been developed from workshops for ISOCS teachers. The International Baccalaureate promotes the use of purposeful inquiry based learning to foster the skills that students of the 21st Century require in their continued education, future careers and interconnected lives.

The ISOCS Inquiry Cycle will be used increasingly in all communications about teaching and learning in the school.

Use the forward and backward arrows to move through the ISOCS Inquiry Cycle.

ISOCS Inquiry Cycle

The International Baccalaureate states that “successful inquiry may lead to action, initiated by the student as a result of the learning process.  This action may extend the student’s own learning, the learning of others or it may have a wider social impact.

It is intended that the student taking action will grow from the experience, and that the process of taking action, or not, will contribute to each student establishing a set of values.” (Source: IB PYP presentation)