Mask Making

Today we started looking at the Swiss celebration of Fasnacht. We discussed when, where and why this celebration exists. We watched some Fasnacht parades on the interactive whiteboard and were impressed with the elaborate costumes.

Later in the afternoon, the students started making their own Fasnacht masks. Luckily we had 4 wonderful classroom helpers who did a fantastic job making masks with the children. A big big thank you to all of you who came in to help today!

Below are the mask making steps. We will begin decorating them next week. The children can hardly wait.

First, you need to cream your face so that the plaster doesn’t stick.


X – marks and starts the spot!

Then the plaster is applied – layer by layer.

Waiting for the plaster to dry.

After it is removed it is left a little longer to dry.

Finally extras can be built onto the mask using cardboard and plaster giving it a unique appearance.