November 26, 2013

Early Years Overview

ISOCS Early Years class welcomes children aged 3-5 years to a world of adventurous, bi-lingual learning!

Early Years opens from 08:15 and parents are invited to collect their children between 15:15 and 15:30. During this time, parents are welcome to explore their child’s learning from the day.

Students may enrol for full days or half days and can bring a lunch or enjoy a hot lunch in our dining cabin at an additional cost. In keeping with Swiss tradition, ISOCS closes at midday on Wednesdays to encourage children to integrate with local children and participate in the many activities offered on Wednesday afternoons. ISOCS offers an optional Wednesday afternoon activity programme and after-school care until 18:00 each day, at additional cost.

Early Years follows the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB PYP), which provides a framework for learning that is engaging, relevant and challenging to students from all backgrounds. Consequently, classes are kept small and the teachers focus on developing and challenging each child’s abilities at their own individual level. Children are introduced to concepts of literacy and mathematics through meaningful experiences. As they internalise their understanding the teacher is ready to guide each student in making connections to foster deep and transferable learning.

Students are assessed on the IB PYP Scope and Sequence continua and learning activities are thoughtfully designed to move students along and increase the level of individual challenge appropriately.

Students engage in Units of Inquiry, which incorporate the application of maths and language, as well as science, social studies, the arts and personal and physical education. Where no meaningful integration is possible, subjects may be taught separately. The main academic language at ISOCS is English. In the Early Years the learning is supported by a German speaking classroom assistant to provide relevant language immersion in a playful context.

The students visit the local gym with our PE teacher and classroom assistant twice a week. We also embrace regular outings into the community, taking full advantage of the fantastic resources surrounding our school. In minutes, the students can enjoy the library, lakeside play-park and woodland walks.

The IB PYP aims to develop self-confident, independent thinkers and communicators. Students develop these attributes in a nurturing and expressive environment, where learning happens playfully and is celebrated at every opportunity. The teacher keeps records of each child’s experiences and achievements in their portfolios and this collection is used for the student, parents and teacher to reflect on each child’s development in all areas. Formal reports are issued several times a year and parents are encouraged to have regular conversations with the teacher throughout the school year.

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