ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque

Despite the impending storm ISOCS Families and Staff members came together to enjoy the ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque in glorious sunshine

ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque

On Sunday 11th May we were delighted to welcome even more families than we had expected to our ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque, despite the threat of poor weather and a possible clash with Swiss Mother’s Day.

ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque - CakeAbout sixty-five adults and children attended the event. Everyone ate very heartily and praised the varied selection of salads and deserts that the families and staff contributed.

ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque - Table-Football

There was a lot to keep everyone entertained including chess, table-football, table-tennis, puzzles, Lego building and rousing games of basketball and football between students and parents.ISOCS Summer Pot-Luck Barbeque - Basket-Ball

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event so successful.