ISOCS Library goes Pro!

Since ISOCS opened the library has been a joint effort of many volunteers.  A sincere thank you to everyone who gave their time so willingly.   However, since our school is growing and expanding it was time to go “Pro”.  This is also a school requirement for the IB program.

So… a warm welcome is offered to our official librarian,  Jacquelyn Else-Jack.   I met with Jacquelyn Thursday and she’s a lovely addition to the staff at ISOCS.  She is brimming with ideas for book readings, guided library time for all classes, displays, etc.

Jacquelyn was keen to have volunteers help with artistic displays, and projects so she will come to our last volunteer meeting April 3rd after drop off.  She’s looking for genuine feedback, so all volunteers please plan to make this meeting if you can.

One again, thank you very much to everyone.  The effort was a definitely a joint one and Jacquelyn was pleased to inherit such a great looking library full of potential.