ISOCS KANO Lab for innovative ICT programme

ISOCS has sponsored one of the first KANO Labs for a brand new innovative ICT programme.

Kano is a computer and coding kit. Claimed to be as simple as Lego, powered by Raspberry Pi. Students will be able to make games or learn code with Kano. It ran a campaign on Kickstarter.” (Source: Wikipedia)

ISOCS KANO Computer Kit


ISOCS Student convinced the Director to sponsor a KANO LAB

One of our ISOCS students came across the Kano Kickstarter campaign to raise start-up capital for KANO and convinced us to sponsor a KANO Lab for a new, innovative ICT programme.

The KANO Lab consists of the following:

  • KANO WORKSHOP – with a KANO expert
  • KANO COMPANION – a digital curriculum pack that is perfect for educators, parents, and the curious.

The Kano Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded on 19th December 2013.

“A computer and coding kit for all ages, all over the world. Simple as Lego, powered by Pi. Make games, learn code, create the future.” (Source: Kano Kickstarter campaign)

“Kano’s mission is to make tools for a new creative generation, and give people a way to take control of their world, express themselves. We believe that anyone should be able to be creative with technology. It shouldn’t be so hard to make and play. The first step is a computer kit for the rest of us – open, fun, empowering.”(Source: Kano Website)