ISOCS first Reading Challenge

The library Volunteers have created a Reading Challenge for the students of ISOCS.  

There is a tree in the Library in desperate need of leaves and owls.  For each book a student reads they will write the name of the book, along with a descriptive word about the book on a leaf and hang it onto the tree.  Once a child reaches 10 books they earn an owl, proudly displaying the students name.  Once a child reaches 20 books they earn a large owl and can choose to write a descriptive word in addition to their name.  “Super Reader Olivia” for example.

A special thank you to Ms. July who has kindly agreed to be have the leaves and owls available at the front desk.

Well done to grades 1, 2, 3 who have already earned leaves in the very first week!

Remember Common Sense Media is a great place to find book recommendations.