ISOCS Community Café

ISOCS Launches ISOCS Community Café

Today, 4th August 2014, ISOCS launched its ISOCS Community Café.

This adaptable space has been designed to encourage parents, teachers, mentors and supervised students to meet, collaborate and connect.

ISOCS Community Café

We have chosen a Café / Office style learning space to enable different parties and shared initiatives with a flexible meeting place.
Jacqueline Webb-Archibald and ISOCS Facility managers, Rufus and Ornella, were inspired to create this space so that people can connect and learn from each other.
You might be a parent looking for an opportunity to have a sociable chat in a child friendly environment or alternatively seeking a temporary office space directly after dropping off your child.

ISOCS Community Café - Office Space
You may wish to subscribe to language or integration courses offered or indeed start your own interest group.
You may be looking for advice or looking to give it.

You might like to post a recommendation or suggestion to the community via the pin-board.

ISOCS Community Café - Pin Board

ISOCS Community Café is intended to be a talking point for everyone.
Today we hosted our first interest group which is aspiring to create a child development programme on a global scale. Carsten Sudhoff, founder of the Circular Society, connected like-minded social impact leaders to meet at ISOCS for preliminary discussions.

ISOCS Community Café - Interest Groups
Later this week our space will be used as a temporary office free of charge to ISOCS parents.

ISOCS Community Café - Temporary Office