Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It was nice to hear about the fantastic holidays had by all. The children wrote headlines (a visible thinking routine) to capture a holiday event in one line. Some of the headlines certainly made us wonder what was involved e.g. “Stuffed animal in the oven!”  Luckily each child then had the opportunity to share the holiday experience and clear the mystery.

For our Celebrations Unit we looked at Chinese New Year. It was interesting to learn about this traditional festival. The children also especially enjoyed finding out what zodiac animal they are and naturally all agreed with the good characteristics mentioned. In all fairness, a few did agree to being mischievous too.

During our art lesson this week the students made paper dragons. They turned out really well as you can see in the photos below.

In maths some of the children were introduced to the method of column addition without regrouping and others to the method of column subtraction with and without regrouping. All of the children understood the new methods and were able to calculate using them. They will continue to practise these new skills.

In language we deepened our understanding of verbs. We focused on the past tense of regular and irregular verbs. It is surprising just how many irregular verbs there are. Learning how to write verbs in the past tense is an important story writing skill.

Ms. Iten