Hand Replica’s Personal Connections 4th February 2013

Dear Parents and Students,

We have all casted our hands in Plaster of Paris.

We used a material called alginate, which is made from brown algae.  First, we mixed alginate powder with water to create our moulds, some of us found it hard to keep our hands still while the alginate set. After, we mixed Plaster of Paris and poured it inside our moulds. When the Plaster of Paris hardened,  we were able to pull away the alginate to reveal an accurate impression of our hands.

It was incredible to see how detailed the results were!

This Week’s Personal Connections Tasks

It’s Summative Assessment Time!

Everyday, you will need to spend 15-20 minutes researching your material. You will need to access the Changing Materials Wiki to research the information. 
Here’s the link: Changing Materials
Scroll down the left hand search bar until you find your material under the heading: Other Materials.

Feel free to find other resources once you have explored the whole ‘Pearl Tree.’

You will need to take notes (preferably on a post-it) and bring them to school to share with your partner and contribute to your project.  

You need to consider the following:

  • What is your natural / raw material(s)? How do we access and collect it / them? Is there environmental impact during retrieval?
  • What are the properties of your material?
  • How is it manufactured? How is it made or processed? How does / do the material(s) change? (reversible or irreversible) Is there environmental impact?
  • What are the products? How do they benefit society? What are the environmental challenges?

Task Due: All Week

Continue to work on your Mangahigh and feel free to ask for additional tasks.