Field Week: Middle School Students Shine

Middle School students shone during all the activities of our recent field week. They were so interested, so polite and so respectful during both the tour of the Thun Castle and Ballenberg that the tour guides in both cases said they had never hosted such a great class.

Also, during the high ropes course all students pushed themselves to reach levels that they previously had thought were not attainable. Each student therefore exceeded their ‘Personal Best’ while at the same time encouraging their classmates to exceed theirs. The same was equally true during the bike ride around the Brienzersee.

Students were also asked to take on a new degree of responsibility for themselves by having to shop for their own lunches during the week. Each student was given an amount of money that was not enough to buy a decent lunch unless they teamed up with others. This they did, and so practiced sourcing the best deals possible while working together as a team to meet everyone’s needs and preferences. They were allowed to keep any excess money for treats later, which made them even more thoughtful with their choices.

Grade 6/7 were also given free time to go unsupervised in Interlaken for fixed amounts of time each day, and here again they all proved themselves to be fully ready to take on this new level of independence and responsibility. Again, they rose to the occasion.



Our students made us proud, and we had lots of fun being with them for the week.