Fasnacht Festival

This week the children have been continuing their hard work in Maths. There has been a lot of mathematical word problems this week to increase the challenge. The children have been working diligently and their concentration and efforts have been impressive. To reinforce their learning and to lighten the pressure a little, they also enjoyed some time playing various Maths games. 

We also continued on story writing. They have been using their checklists to create some great stories. Some of the children weren’t able to finish their pieces in the allocated time, so have it as personal connections. Please check their book bags.

This afternoon Class 1,2,3 enjoyed a brief but lively Fasnacht celebration. We made some simple masks (not like the amazing ones from Tuesday), enjoyed eating Fassnachtschüechli, listened and danced to Gugenmusic and threw some streamers around with our friends.

On a final note, today we looked at a short video about “The Golden Rule”. To treat others as we would like to be treated. The ensuing discussion was very open and the children all had a million things they wanted to share. We all agreed that we need to make a constant effort to be mindful of “The Golden Rule” as it will make our lives and the lives of those people around us more peaceful and happy.
On that note I wish you all a happy and peaceful weekend !!