English Pilates Class in Cham

New Pilates Class starting End of April

A friend of mine just emailed me that a new Pilates class will start end of April.  I’ll take it that she was just being informative rather than hinting at anything!   Pilates is known to be great for overall fitness, weight loss and strength training.   Since I’ve never been able to do a sit up (I’ve zero trunk strength) I’m signing up. Anyone want to join me?

English Pilates Class in Cham

Pilates exercises



A new Pilates lesson will start: Monday’s 09.55 – 10.55am. Starting the 29th of April 2013 and ending the 1st of July 2013.


The cost will be CHF 110.– minimum class size of 7 is necessary.  Class instruction is held in English.

Please email Esther Aikens (instructor) if interested. [email protected] or call her at 079 831 06 80 (contact details were shared with her permission).

Mavement Studio is located near the Blinker Restaurant in Cham, Zug (near Ottos).

No child care is provided.