Education for all in the Digital Age

An urgent transformation in approaches to education is of paramount importance; driven by the rate and impact of global change that the Digital Age heralds.


We involve. We innovate. We inspire.

At the International School of Central Switzerland, our vision is to involve, innovate and inspire. We believe that students and their families need to be connected locally and globally and immersed in opportunities that develop the skills and concepts necessary to make a difference in the 21st century. We now know more than ever about how people learn, through neurological and pedagogical research, and we are putting this knowledge into practice in an engaging and caring environment.

Digital Age

We actively involve our students in inquiry; discovering the world through active engagement with life-worthy issues that impact individuals and societies around the world. We structure our inquiry through a learning process that involves the students’ questions in investigating and understanding the how and why underlying the what, where, who and when. Students are challenged to develop dispositions of intellectual character that make learning an integral part of living.

Lifelong learning is key and we need to be innovative in how we nurture this in our students, so that they not only embrace the need to learn at school, but also throughout their lives. As an International Baccalaureate World School, we emphasize international-mindedness in becoming multi-lingual, openminded, creative and critical thinkers, who are confident as leaders and collaborators.

The paradigm shift in approaches to education is of paramount importance; driven by the rate and impact of global change that the Digital Age heralds. The OECD concludes from their recent studies that there is a huge disconnect between the skills that traditional education values and tests for, compared to what is actually needed in the world today.

ISOCS is innovating by extending our collaboration to work closely with thought-leaders, within and beyond the education sectors, in order to address the challenges that this transformation creates.

We are actively involved with the Center for Curriculum Redesign and with New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, both backed by organizations including OECD, UNESCO, Google, Intel and Harvard. The goal of these bodies is to prepare learners to be sustainability literate, savvy with change implementation and inventive with integrity. This “deep learning” will be a core part of ISOCS’ curriculum and practices as we systematically develop competencies in the “6 C’s” of character, citizenship, communication, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking through relevant, creative and change-focused inquiry, immersed in real-life problem solving.

Learners are inspired when they grapple with issues and attempt to solve them. We are seeking to inspire all learners to become ethical entrepreneurs – enabling them to identify and resolve complex personal and societal challenges, locally and globally and to take action. As one of the first Circular Society centers worldwide, we are connecting our students with people who have made a difference and can work together on putting ideas into action.

Inspiration spurs all of us to be inclusive, to innovate to make a difference. ISOCS is aspiring to be an educational center of excellence and thought-leader in promoting the best opportunities for all learners.