Dirty Hands Again

Middle School students returned to the Dirty Hands breakdance studio today to show off the routines they had developed during their last PE unit. Students successfully combined dance moves with acrobatics, and performed in front of breakdance master Jan who gave them professional feedback on their moves. It was great seeing the students showing what they had learnt. All deserve compliments for the fact that each routine was a creative interpretation of various movements and themes, and each routine had been choreographed by the students themselves in groups of 4. I’m sure Mr Perliyev will blog about the details of the unit itself.

Our students performed confidently, underlining the fact that when we say that we help students learn to be good communicators we do not simply mean that we teach them to talk well. One of the fundamental concepts of the Middle Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate  is “Communication – representing the notion that schools should encourage open and effective communication, important skills that contribute to international understanding as exemplified by the attributes of the IB learner profile.” (IBO, Principles into Practice, pp. 10) . This is much more than learning to give Powerpoint presentations, or to speak in another language confidently, but encompasses the ability to communicate ideas and feelings in a variety of ways and using a variety of methods, including, as in this case, the body. When we can see our students succeeding at this, we know we are succeeding as a school and as teachers.