Awe inspiring PYP Exhibition at ISOCS (International School of Central Switzerland)

Were you at the awe inspiring PYP Exhibition at ISOCS (International School of Central Switzerland)?

On Tuesday evening, 27th May 2014 Grade 5 proudly presented their PYP Exhibition to family, staff and friends.

The students absolutely shone as they confidently and eloquently spoke about their chosen topics which ranged from Child Labour, Ocean Pollution and Chemical Warfare to empowerment issues such as Confidence and Collaboration, Following ones Dreams. Students discussed arguments for and against their presented position. They each elaborated on a number of art works that they had individually developed to promote their message under the central idea:

“The arts can be used to communicate and influence people’s perspectives and bring about change”

Students used at least two different art forms to convey ideas that they felt passionate about communicating. These included dance, song, drama, paintings, collage, animation, film as well as visual arts using many different techniques and mediums.

A big thank you goes first to the students and their empowering teacher Mr. Phil Harris and thereafter to each individual mentor. We would also like to extend our warm thanks to the parents, friends and staff members who supported the PYP Exhibition process so positively.

The students were the stars of the Exhibition. Well done. We are all so proud of you. You are all truly inspirational.

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