October 27, 2012


Making Contact and Getting to Know One Another

Please call (+41 41 781 44 44) or email us to learn more about the school and inquire about the availability of school places.

Thereafter make an appointment to visit the school.

We want to meet you and understand your hopes for your child/ren’s education. We encourage your child/ren to join lessons for a two to five day try-out period. We will negotiate the best time for this visit with you and the class teacher.


Preparing an Application to ISOCS:

Current school fees and conditions are available to download on the Admissions section of this website. We accept enrolments throughout the year.

Parents must complete a detailed application which includes:

  • The application form which must include details of any and all previous testing.
  • Copy of student passport
  • Confidential letter of recommendation from previous teacher
  • Report/s from the previous school
  • Financial regulations/ contract of enrolment

Consideration of the Application 

The Head of Admissions will consider all applications with the Section Principal and the Director of School.

ISOCS will attempt to establish whether ISOCS can offer a valid educational programme in the best interests of each applicant. The school will whether the family will be supportive and collaborative partners in our shared responsibility towards the fullest development of the student.

We will consider the application form alongside copies of the last two school reports; information gathered from family interviews and try-out days and possibly follow up contact with the student’s previous school.

ISOCS Applicants with a special need, learning support history or prior assessment (including but not limited to: dyslexia, autistic spectrum disorders, “Gifted and Talented” screening) will be required to submit all official paperwork to the school for consideration. Failure to disclose the results of all and any assessment at the point of application, or at any time during the student’s time at ISOCS, may result in a withdrawal of the offer of a school place. 

ISOCS reserves the right to deny a school place to students for whom the school cannot sufficiently provide, or in the case that the student regularly disrupts the learning of others.


Response from ISOCS and Securing a School Place

A successful applicant will receive a formal offer of a school place for the school year for which they apply. This may be a conditional or unconditional offer. The school place will be secured by the submission of the signed Contract of Enrolment and the transfer of the one-time non-refundable registration fee within 14 days of the offer being made. An invoice will then be issued for the Annual Tuition Fee. These should be paid in advance of the school starting date.